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Double-deck balcony custom house 

Release time :2022/03/15
Double-deck balcony custom house

Hemispherical shape of the house and streamlined roof design, with a thickness of 180mm, the wind level can reach 13, effectively withstand earthquake load, suitable for seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees and below.”The construction is simple”.Special coating materials are used on the outer wall of EPS module, which can effectively resist ultraviolet rays, not easy to age, rust, insects and corrosion, and can withstand typhoon, earthquake, rainstorm, snow and other weather to the maximum extent.Modular housing solves the problems of long construction period and low labor efficiency in other buildings.Construction costs are much lower than traditional brick and concrete buildings.More efficient assembly construction mode.A 24-square-meter apartment can be quickly assembled in just two hours.


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